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What's my condo worth?

That question on every seller’s mind, what is my home or condo really worth in today’s ever changing real estate market place.

Determining steps are as follows:

  • A comparative market analysis has to be performed (CMA) by an experienced broker for the last 6 months of sales in your area, building & similar surrounding buildings with the same type of condo or home as yours to get a proper range.
  • What plus or minuses does your property have when comparing to recent 6 month old CMA’s.
  • Do you have upgrades that need to be considered in the pricing?
  • Minuses can be upcoming assessments for major improvements, which a buyer weighs when making an offer.

This list can go on & on for determining the value of your home or condo, very property is different & has to be researched individually. Miami Beach Prestige Realty will provide you with a comprehensive Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) free of charge & consult you as to the value of your property in any market.

We offer this CMA service free of charge for Buyers & Sellers alike, just contact us and we will get started work on your CMA analysis right away.