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Live on Miami Beach

Miami Beach is so hot these days, it sizzles. ItÔÇÖs time to discover the rebirth, the real revival of Miami Beach real estate. One of the most sought after tropical locations in the world, Miami Beach is glittering, sophisticated, stylish ÔÇô a center for fashion, ultra-luxury oceanfront homes and condominiums, fine dining, international business, and world class arts and culture.

Recognizing the unique opportunities in Miami Beach, Miami Beach Prestige Realty specializes in buying and selling beachfront properties for the high end, discriminating buyer. The company will lead the way for your sale or purchase in one of finest properties in Miami Beach.

Miami Beach Prestige Realty is a leading force in the Miami real estate marketplace, and brings real estate service excellence to new heights with custom real estate solutions including a team specializing in the unique needs of international buyers and sellers. Let Miami Beach Prestige Realty help you choose your next exclusive Miami Beach home or luxury condominium today.


Miami Beach

The communities in Miami Beach saw a 38% increase in the number of transactions in 2011. The professional team at Miami Beach Prestige Realty will help you find a fantastic deal on a luxury home or condominium in Miami Beach.