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Price Range

Invest In Miami Beach Real Estate

The city of Miami is still recovering from its rough patch after the country wide economic down-slide. This has caused the prices of properties to be at their all time low. The developers and investors of Miami Beach condos are desperately trying to remove the large number of apartments from their hands by offering low prices. This has seen a large wave of foreign nationals buying these properties. These high-end condos and apartments may not be exactly cheap for the US citizens, but these foreigners find these prices lower than the price of property back home. Thus, they are rushing to buy their own properties in the city.

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Miami Beach Real Estate

Long sunny days, first rate educational and community facilities, oodles of shopping and entertainment and lots to do and see, come visit Miami today.

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Sunny Isles Beach Real Estate

There is a reason why Sunny Isles has been called "Florida's Riviera" or the "City of Sun and Sea". Sunny Isles lives up to those names with sparkling beaches, stunning residential properties and vibrant community. Simply put, Sunny Isles is a lifestyle...

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South Beach Real Estate

The time has come....to indulge in the urban style and hip sophistication of South Beach (SoBe) and South of Fifth (SoFi), where properties sell quickly and there are still great deals to be found ...

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